Alexandra Coppa

College: Brown University Class of 2017

Concentration: Neuroscience

Career Ambition: Neuropsychiatrist

Platform: HEALing Souls: Eating Disorder Treatment and Awareness

Every hour of every day someone dies from an eating disorder. Further, among young people, anorexia is the third most common disease, and, alarmingly, those with anorexia are 57 times more likely to commit suicide than the general population.  However, only 1 in 10 people receive treatment. The most significant aspect of this devastating issue is the stigma surrounding and the misunderstanding of eating disorders. After overcoming her own eating disorder, Allie began a chapter of Project HEAL, a national nonprofit organization that raises money through a treatment grant program for those who cannot afford life saving care, and promotes healthy body image and recovery. She now works as a mentor for those experiencing the struggle she once endured, and volunteers with the National Eating Disorder Association's remote helpline, as a resource for those affected by an eating disorder. During her year as Miss Rhode Island, she will travel to schools across the state, educating students and teachers about these illnesses.