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Phases of Competition


Personal Interview with Judges

Each candidate engages in a private 10-minute press conference style interview with a panel of judges.  Candidates may be questioned based on their background as presented on her resume, educational and career goals, opinions on current events, social issues, their interests, hobbies and/or extracurricular activities. During this phase judges are assessing a candidate’s ability to think under pressure, speak eloquently and quickly and the aptitude for the job as a titleholder. This is the first phase of competition to take place.  

Judging Criteria:

• Communication skills including personality, intelligence, validated opinions, emotional control, overall first impression and professionalism,

• The overall qualities and attributes necessary in order to fulfill the job responsibilities of her title,

• Judges are not scoring based on their own personal agreement with her statements, position, beliefs, or social impact initiative, but instead how well she interacts and thoughtfully articulates her answers.


Candidates perform a self-selected talent presentation of up to (but not more than) 90 seconds.  Potential talent presentations might include (but are not limited to) singing, dancing, gymnastics, instrumental music, dramatic or comedy monologues, baton twirling and ventriloquism.  

Judging Criteria:

• Preparatory and performance skills,

• Selection of talent presentation and overall quality of performance,

• Interpretive ability and technical skill level including execution, technique, synchronization and control,

• On-stage presence and personality,

• Totality of all elements including costume, props, voice, use of body and choreography,

• Enjoyable and relatable performance. 

Red Carpet/Evening Wear

Candidates compete in red carpet, a stand alone category, in the evening wear attire of her selection. Candidates should select their wardrobe based on what they would wear to a red-carpet event.    


Judging Criteria:

• Ability to exhibit personal style, attitude, personality, grace, presence and confidence,

• Composure, the attention she captures on the stage, her command of the stage, and how she appears in the spotlight,

• First impression reaction,

• Posture and carriage.

Onstage Interview and Social Impact Pitch

This brings the interview to the stage in an interactive and energetic way to showcase candidate’s intelligence, personality, charisma and aptitude.  This portion of the competition allows the audience to truly get to know the candidate by bringing a glimpse of the private interview discussions into a public forum.  

Judging Criteria:

• Communication, stage presence, commanding presence, and relatability,

• Intelligence, personality, charisma, and aptitude for the job,

• First impression reaction,

• Interactivity and discussion; ability to build on a conversation from the personal interview, • Ability to clearly articulate her social impact initiative in a public, presentation style format,

• Potential to serve as a role model who is reflective of her generation. 

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