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$5,000 Scholarship from the Miss RI Scholarship
Full Graduate School Tui􀆟on - Salve Regina University OR
1/2 Undergraduate Tui􀆟on Scholarship (Renewable for 4 years) - Salve Regina University

$20,000 Undergraduate Tui􀆟on Scholarship (Renewable for 4 years) - Bryant University


$2,500 Academic Tui􀆟on Scholarship
$10,000 Undergraduate Tui􀆟on Scholarship (Renewable for 4 years) - Bryant University


$1,500 Academic Tui􀆟on Scholarship


$1,000 Academic Tui􀆟on Scholarship


$800 Academic Tui􀆟on Scholarship
Addi􀆟onal Scholarships
On-Stage Interview Award - $250 Sponsored by Lisa Grace Snow, MRI 1992
Talent Award - $250 Sponsored by Francesca Simone, MRI 2008
The following awards are judged by a seperate panel
Jesus Berlanga Public Service Award - $250 Sponsored by Col. Gloria Berlanga, MRI 1989
SII Award - $250 Sponsored by Cheryl Hirst-Hodgins, MRI 1961
Academic Scholarship Fund sponsored by:
Patricia Garrahy Robertson, MRI 1973 ($100)

Sponsor Provided Gi􀅌fts and Dona􀆟tions

Official Miss America Headshot Photo Shoot and Farewell Photo Shoot
Sponsored by Daniel Gagnon Photography
Official Miss America Evening Gown $1,000 Sponsorship,
Flower Bouquet Sponsored by Pam Voccola-Velleco of The Enchanted Florist
A Full Year of Comprehensive Hair, Make-up, & Spa Services,
Sponsored by Calma Salon Beauty Bou􀆟que
Crown Robe Sponsored by Lois Wims
$250 Gi􀅌 Cer􀆟ficate to Zoe & Co. Sponsored by Zoe & Co. Professional Bra Fi􀆩ers
Personal Training & Nutri􀆟onal Consulta􀆟on for Na􀆟onals
Sponsored by Sco􀆩's Fitness, Inc.
Official Miss Rhode Island Sash Sponsored by The Sash Company
Official Miss Rhode Island Crown Sponsored by Aimee Belisle MRI 2004
Comprehensive Nail Services Sponsored by Nails by Salon J
Cosme􀆟c Den􀆟stry and Dental Services Sponsored by Dr. Kenneth Rawlinson , DDS
Official Crown Box Sponsored by Barbara Longo Ferreira, MRI 1986
Official Crown Ring Sponsored by Tori Heaton, MRI 1994
Miss RI Sweatshirt from Sparkle Queens Sponsored by Jessica Marfeo, MRI 2013
Official Crown Pin Sponsored by Allie Cur􀆟s, MRI 2015
Card My Yard - Four personalized yard signs
Dave's Marketplace - Rehersal Lunch
Graphic Innova􀆟ons - Stage and Set Props

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